Best Murals In Nashville

Our girls weekend in Nashville was not lacking in photos. One thing we set out to do was photograph each other in front of almost every mural we could find. And dangit, we did it! So if you’re headed to good ole Nash and need some photo ideas, I’ve got you!

We started off at this incredible mural, and honestly it has something for everyone. It spans around an entire block and has so much artwork you will have a hard time choosing. If you can only do one mural your entire stay, I would pick this one!

Special note: It is in front of a super busy road so be ready to smile for a ton of cars driving by and make sure your husband… I mean, photographer is ready to dodge traffic for the best shot.

We couldn’t come to Nashville and not hit up the “I Believe in Nashville” mural… right!? This one is great because it has all the shopping and eating close by. You will more than likely just stumble into this one without even trying. Go eat lunch at Bar Taco, have a margarita, and then get your shot! This neighborhood is a popular one so be ready to stand in line and smile in front of a million people. Hence the need for the margarita.

Next we headed to the famous “Love Y’all” mural! It has some super cute shops attached and a coffee shop that wasn’t open when we were there, but looked amazing! This is a nice one because its not attached to a busy road, so if you’re not into ending up on @influencersinthewild this is the place for you!

The last one we stopped at was the “lip” mural! This one is also in a super cute area and would be worth it just for the whole experience. I mean Jenis Ice Cream is right across the street, need I say more? Its located in an alley way so its not super embarrassing when you’re working the camera.

We had the best time hunting for the coolest murals so I really hope you enjoyed my list!

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