A Weekend In Austin With Kids

Austin with kids is the best, but sometimes it can feel like all of the coolest places are only for partying or going out to nice dinners. When you can get back here without kids, do all of those things! But when the kiddos are in tow, just do as I say!  

Downtown Farmers Market: 

We have been bringing the kids to the famers market since Millie was a few weeks old. It is the perfect place to browse all the coolest things all while letting the kids run. Our first stop is always the Taco Deli booth. Get the Otto! After we coffee and taco up, our kids usually find popsicles, fresh juice, or a pastry. We love walking through the tents and seeing the handmade items. After we are done browsing we usually sit in the grassy area and let the kids go wild. There is typically live music playing or sometimes they will have huge blocks out for the kids to play with. This is a great way to experience downtown Austin with your kiddos! 


It seems like you see a Juiceland on every corner here in Austin and that’s because fortunately there is a Juiceland on every corner. Us Austinites are passionate about our fresh juice. The only way I can get my kids to eat their veggies is through these juices, so we go a lot. They have the perfect kid size! The peachy green is a family favorite. The atmosphere keeps Austin healthy and weird at the same time. 

Peter Pan Mini Golf: 

Peter Pan Mini Golf has been in Austin since 1946 and there is a reason for that. It is by far the cutest mini golf I have ever been to. Set right in the heart of downtown, this is the best place to spend an afternoon with kids in Austin. Millie wanted a photo with each and every character because they were so well made and taken care of. Each hole left her more and more excited for the next. Moses mainly picked up his ball, threw it in the hole, and yelled “I DID IT!” Both kids had the absolute best time, and we loved every second of watching them. We did half the course in about an hour and a half and let the kids have a snow cone after. Don’t miss out on this fun family outing! 

Alamo Drafthouse: 

One of our favorite things to do as a family is going to the movies! Alamo Drafthouse is the best movie theater here in Austin, hands down. Tuesday mornings year round they have the Alamo For All program and during this time, they will leave the lights dim and the sound is a little lower. If you can catch it just right, during the summer they do Summer Camps! For these, they play older movies and all ticket prices are donated to a local charity. It is the perfect way to escape the heat, eat some good food, have a local beer,  and entertain your kids! I can’t think of a better combo than that!  

Hat Creek Burger Company: 

Many summer and weekend mornings have been spent at Hat Creek. Actually, many afternoons as well. If you are ready to sit back and eat a good burger while watching your kids play, this is the place for you! Each location has a different playscape, they are all simple and minimalistic. My kids beg to go to Hat Creek! Don’t miss out on this family friendly restaurant, trust me! 

Hope you’ve enjoyed following along! Keep us posted on your adventures!

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