Best Travel Backpack

While getting ready for our upcoming trip, I just had to try out the new mini confetti backpacks! I knew they would be great, but I didn’t know HOW great! These backpacks saved us on so many occasions. Our family travels a lot. Millie and Moses have taken many flights. This was by far the easiest experience we’ve had, and I will give all of the glory to these backpacks! I’m usually able to only pack up one medium size backpack for both kids and I will carry it along with my own purse. During the flight they will fight and argue over who gets the bag. The new J&J mini backpacks are the perfect size. Big enough to carry a lunchbox, a water, a coloring pack for Millie, the iPad for Mo, and some small toys in the front pocket. And the best thing of all… they were able to carry them on their own! There was no fighting over who got what on the airplane. I’m telling you, if you have multiple kids and do a lot of traveling, these backpacks are necessary.  

Now let’s talk once you get to your location. We brought a double stroller with us on this trip. Since we were going to a big city we knew Millie would need some breaks and Moses would need to nap. Our backpacks never left the stroller. Each kiddo knew that if they needed, the backpack could easily fit in their lap and they could play. So many moments when they were tired of being pushed around or on the subway and bored, and we pulled out the backpacks. I was able to fit their snacks, water bottle, diapers, wipes, and toys. The best part was that they each had their own bag, that wasn’t too big, and had everything they needed or wanted in it. We will never do a family trip without these bags! If you’re debating over if you should put these on your list, debate no more. You NEED them! Also, marigold star. You need ALL of the marigold star. 

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