Ashley’s Style Corner

Style Corner is quickly becoming my favorite. I mean, who wouldn’t want to dress up like Forky, Woody, and Bo Peep with their kids!? Toy Story has always been Mo’s favorite movie, so we knew we needed to go all out for this one. The best moment was when we were walking out of the theater and a little girl gasped and said “Mommy! It’s Bo Peep!” Millie basically died and went to heaven. I hope you’re inspired to make your very own movie outfits after reading!

What I’m wearing: 

Cardigan (COMING SOON!) // Dress // Shoes // Hair Clip // Purse  

What Millie is wearing: 

Swing Dress // Bow // Bo Peep Staff // Shoes  

What Moses is wearing: 

 Ringer Tee (COMING SOON!) // Varsity Shorts // Hat // Bandana // Shoes  

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