Ashley’s Style Corner

Hey all! I am extra excited for this style post because, EMERALD! I swear, this color works on everyone. Seriously. Everyone. It might possibly be my new favorite J&J color. For this post I will show you how I styled our Emerald Maxi! 

Sunglasses Substitute // Kimono // Shoes // Bag 

This morning was the first day back at school for my kids and man, it felt good. I really do love Christmas break with them, but by the end of it we are all jumping for joy into the school parking lot. After drop off l headed over to the Domain to drink coffee and shop. Is there a better combination in the world? I think not. 

Blue Light Glasses // Hammock 

When nap time rolls around and the weather is nice you can guarantee that I am in our hammock. It’s my happy place. Have I mentioned how comfortable the Maxi is!? It’s what hammock nap time dreams were made of. 

Sports Bra Substitute // Leggings 

When the kids are awake I end up spending most of my time in the kitchen. I swear, most days I feel like a snack vending machine. Anyone else? While I’m pumping out those snacks I like to be comfortable. This usually involves leggings, hair on top of my head, and of course the Maxi!  

My favorite thing about EMERALD is how versatile it is. It can be worn on a date and also cooking in the kitchen and look completely normal. This dress should be a staple in your closet, trust me.  

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