Millie is FIVE!

Millie requested a Unicorn LOL Surprise party. I thought this was a perfect opportunity to share my favorite small shops that made her dream a reality. Basically, I did all the legwork making it easy for YOU! I had a little too much fun on this one and hope you enjoy. Happy Reading!  

The Coop was such a perfect place to throw a birthday party! I was really worried about setting up the party but the moment I walked in the employees took over. They did everything from cutting the cake to cleaning up. When I needed a table cloth they were more than happy to lend us one for the night. I honestly don’t think I will host another birthday party in my home after my experience with The Coop. They will forever be my “go to” for parties! And not to mention, the kids had an absolute blast in the play area. Bounce house, ball pit, and My Little Pony playing on the big screen are just a few features. If you’re in Austin or any of the other locations (they have eight!) trust me, book that party. You won’t regret it. 

Courtney from Let Them Eat Cake provided our cookies and goodness, they couldn’t have been more perfect. Not only were they stunning but they tasted amazing as well! 

The cakes, plates, and napkins were from the amazing Daydream Society. The moment I laid eyes on those rainbow plates I knew I was done for.  

LOL Surprise and J&J are just too perfect together. For her unicorn outfit I decided on our Mint CropViolet Twirl Skirt, and Mint Knee Highs.  Last but not least, I found this jacket from Targetto complete the outfit! 

This cake by Luciole Bakery was seriously stunning. The moment guest walked in, they went straight to the cake! The pictures don’t even do it justice. In real life I swear it sparkled! 

One thing that I learned in this process is that Target and Walmart are actually pretty cool with you taking empty LOL boxes. Any time I was in the store I would grab a box for decor. Doesn’t get better than free decorations, am I right!? 

Studio Pep came in clutch with the balloons and confetti! The unicorn series was made for this party. One thing I knew I wanted was a balloon arch. I tried and tried to find someone to make one for me, but in the end I had to do it myself. I was dreading it. Like, really dreading it. I just knew it was going to take me all night. You guys. It only took me one hour to throw this baby together! All you need is this and this. And some cute balloons of course! Blow up a few different sizes and attach to the strand! That’s it! It was the easiest thing. You will now find balloon arches at every party I ever throw.  

Millie is in love with jewelry so I knew that a necklace would be a must for her outfit. We went with Shop November Oakand Annie blew it out of the park! It has a LOL cup hanging from it with a little pom pom and a bling. Millie has worn it everyday since her party

When Millie decided on the LOL unicorn as her theme I knew the unicorn headband would be the biggest deal. Fancy Free Finery has the most perfect unicorn crown that has ever existed. Not only did Katie create the crown but she also created the stunning cake topper above

Anything that wasn’t mentioned above like the Table Banner, LOL balloons, and unicorn party hats are from Party City.  

Moses decided to join in the fun and wear his J&J Mint Hoodie Jumper!  

If you are in Austin, Deana’s Doodles should be your go to for painted wooden signs! Millie now has her unicorn hanging in her room and it is seriously beautiful! 

I don’t know if I have told you this enough times, but our MAMA Maxi was made to be worn in times where cute comfort is needed. It was so easy to throw on and also sprint around taking photos but still feel cute doing it. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed following along! We had such a great night celebrating our five year old. Let me know when you recreate this party, I would love to see!

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