Chattanooga Travel Guide With Kids

We recently took a quick weekend trip to Chattanooga and I have to tell y’all all about it! I have to be honest, I wasn’t expecting it to be as cute as it was. But holy cow Tennessee, you are real pretty. Chattanooga is the PERFECT weekend getaway with kiddos! There is just enough to pack in for a weekend, but maybe not enough for a full week. When I say we packed it in… we really packed it in. This was a nap on the go/walk until your feet are going to fall off kind of weekend. So here we go!  

We started off at Rembrandts Coffee and I had the best breakfast sandwich and latte of my life. There is no photographic evidence of this because… well it was just too good to pause for photos.  

After Rembrandts we walked to Hunter Museum of American Art. This was the first time I’ve taken my kids to an art museum and I was thoroughly impressed. The museum was just the right size for my kids to run around for an hour or so. Don’t miss the outdoor area with the incredible views. We could have sat there for hours taking it all in.  

After the museum we headed to the Walnut Street Bridge! This is a MUST! One of the worldslongest pedestrian bridges and built in 1890, it really is just one of the most beautiful walks you will take. Once across the bridge don’t forget to enjoy the bottom of the bridge as well. Coolidge Park is really a great place for kids to stretch their legs and for parents to sit down and take a break. Once you’re all rested up make sure to let your kids ride the Coolidge Park Carousel. If you are going in the summer they will have the splash pad on so bring a change of clothes for the kiddos! 

Once you’re ready for a sweet treat head over to Clumpies Ice Cream Co. I had the mint chocolate chip and it was incredible! They also had dairy free options!  

When your kids are in full sugar rush from the ice cream make sure to stop by Chalk Alley! There will be pieces of chalk laying around and you can sit back and watch your little artists at work. 

By this point Moses was passed out in the stroller. While he slept we headed over to Milk and Honey coffee shop and let me tell you. So. Dang. Good. Again, no photographic evidence of the coffee, smoothies, or treats. You understand, right? Don’t miss Milk and Honey! 

Once we were fully rested and Moses was awake, we were ready to go again. Insert exhausted feet here. Instead of heading back to rest and eat some dinner, we decide to push forward and headed to Ruby Falls. I will give a big piece of advice here and say, if your kid likes to be held or is under 2, I would either bring a sling or skip. We passed Moses back and forth and my Apple Watch was giving me all the praises and awards. Millie had the best time though! And really, that waterfall was like nothing I’ve ever seen before! It was for sure worth the hike down! 

The next day we were slow to wake up, surprise surprise. Once fully awake and caffeinated we headed to the Tennessee Aquarium and loved every single minute of it! It was more like a zoo in my opinion. There are two buildings and it took us a couple hours at least to get through it. I would make this a priority and carve out a good amount of time to see it all. The butterfly exhibit is a MUST! Millie was in pure butterfly heaven.  

Chattanooga, you’ve officially won me over. Two days of exploring your city and I’m ready to come back!  

Millie is wearing: 

Day One: Bow // Tee // Skirt // Shoes  

Day Two: Bow // Scarf Substitute // Dress // Sweater Substitute // Boots  

Moses is wearing: 

Day One: Cardigan // Romper // Shoes  

Day Two: Sweater // Pants // Boots  

I’m Wearing: 

Sweater Substitute // Maxi // Scarf Substitute // Shoes  

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