Valentine’s Day Must Haves

Dress // Headband // Necklace // Flag // “In My Heart” // Lipgloss // Heart Glue // Pillow // Balloons // Tic Tac Toe // Car // Lone Cactus Motel // “Love is a Truck” // Tee // Socks // Heart Crayon // Pirate // Heart Balloons

Valentine’s Day is low key one of my favorite holidays to shop for. All of the pink and red just does me in. There is no stress to make it perfect or to buy a million things. Just a few of the cutest things, a good book, some balloons, conversation hearts, and you will have the happiest kids. If you’re struggling to figure out the perfect outfit or what to buy because lets be real, you’re probably still not over Christmas… I’ve got the list already made up for you! So just go ahead and shop away!

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